• Elise Quevedo

It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice

Hey guys!

So here we are again, another post to reflect and simply make you smile.

By now, you have probably noticed that most of my reflections come from personal experiences, as how can you teach others how to do something if you haven't gone through it first?

So today I wanted to talk about the famous saying ' It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice'.

One of my flaws and I am quite happy to admit it, is that im wayyyyyyy too nice sometimes and people take advantage of that. They call us empaths. But as a great friend once said to me ' I rather you be nice and get screwed over a couple of times than turning into something you are not'

So today we reflect on that famous saying.

Do you believe in Karma? Do you believe in doing things for others without expecting anything in return? Unless you have agreed on a return favour in advance, if you do something for someone, do it because you want to! not because you know you will try hold it against someone in the future.

How many of you have got people in your life who say ' Don't you remember when I did this for you?', 'You forget I did this...' , 'You forget I did that..' , 'Remember my generosity when...'

Sound familiar?... I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have done things for people without expecting anything in return simply because I believe in Karma... I was having drinks with a friend of mine when I said I was gonna help out with something, and once again, the first reaction was .. 'what do you want in return?'... For those who have read my posts previously, you will notice that that is something I have been asked before.

And of course my answer was.. 'Nothing'... I am a big believer in Karma... something that I have learnt to believe in as I didn't always have those believes.

Life is too short to keep count of what you do for people. Living life is about leaving a legacy to the future generations to model on. With one book under my wing ( called 'Creating a Kick-Ass Attitude' for those who didn't know), I intend to write many more to leave a bigger legacy and if there is one thing that I want to portray throughout all of them is the believe in Karma and remembering that the Universe has weird ways of paying you back.

All bad experiences, let downs, falls and hurdles we go through, are just life learning experiences that have gotten us where we are today and if you cannot learn and let go, you will live quite a miserable life.

As most of you know, I have been dealing with some personal bullying for a few months now and it took me a while to learn to let go as I kept thinking ' I was nice to this person, I did this, I did that...why are they doing this, blah blah blah...' so even I fell for the whole ' don't they remember I did this..' thinking...

Some people out there will take advantage of you wanting to help... others only do good deeds to hold it over people and others will always expect something in return..

Then you come across those who try twist everything you say! You have come across those right?! ... I remember reading one of Donald Trump's books where he says 'eye for an eye' ... but he was referring to business!! not personal vendettas... and I agree on that 100% ... Screw me over in business and it will be eye for an eye... but never on a personal level...

Try think for a moment and write down 3 things you have done for people where you did not expect anything in return....

Done?.. Now think about how that made you feel? Did it make you smile? Why did you do it? and feel free to email me back and share 1 of them or your stories if you like as I love hearing them! and might even make it onto my next book!!

Now let me take you through some history for a second... Did you know that the word 'nice' 500 years ago when it was first used in English, it meant 'foolish or stupid'? it originally came from the Latin 'nescius' meaning 'ignorant'... but then by the 16th century, the sense of being 'very particular or 'finicky' had developed.. then in the 19th century, the word nice came to mean 'pleasant or agreeable' and then 'respectable', a sense quite unlike its original meaning..

So after those facts it is not surprising to have those feelings of... ' I feel stupid for being so nice..'...

And why am I talking about all of this... BECAUSE I CAN! and I WANTED TO... haha... sometimes you just feel like writing about a subject or matter but people never share it... as you know this email only goes out to a selected few before going out on my blog as I love the feedback you guys give me.

I encourage you to do something similar, and select a few of your contacts and once in a while send them an email reflecting on something you feel passionate about without it being a sales pitch.

So let's get back into it and finish before you guys get bored and stop reading! as this is not a chapter in a book but simply a reflection email.

You guys know once I start talking im like a can of Pringles! Once I pop, I can't stop! hahaha

So.. being nice... do you agree or disagree? Do you do things in life without expecting things in return?

Although we have to concentrate and focus on our goals, remember we all started with nothing... we came to this world with nothing.. and we leave this world with nothing... so do meaningful things, be nice to others, use your resources to build profitable and educational tools that you can pass onto others, and foremost don't be one of those people who uses the ' remember when I did this for you..' sentence unless you agreed on a return deal first...

Remember... BE YOU... BE YOUR OWN PERSON.. and don't let anyone put you off from doing what you love doing.. Follow your passion and get screwed over once in a while ( not pun intended).. as its worth it...

Keep on believing... keep on smiling....

Love y'all xoxo