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Creating added value and revenue with your observer audience

How to create value and add revenue with your "observer" audience?

During one of my calls yesterday with a CEO, he shared his recent experience about a topic I often speak about, the observer audience.

The concept of "whoever gets the most likes gets the most business" is far from the truth.

Today, it is all about quality vs quantity when it comes to social and digital media business, and it is often our "observer audience" who will contact us out of the blue for potential business opportunities.

Because although they may not like or comment on our posts, they are always watching! just like the Big Brother voice would say

Many observers tend to be decision makers (C-Level executives) who log into social media platforms to look and listen to what people are saying, they do not have time to write posts or contribute by commenting. (I will expand on this topic on another article)

We should aim to create content with added value because we never know who is listening. If you have the knowledge or are passionate about a topic, share it with the world, as some of those observers are future clients in the making.

I love to inspire others to see the bigger picture of social and digital media and understand how they can accelerate their path to digital success.

Elise Quevedo

Author, Advisor, Storyteller

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