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Speaking - Inspire until you expire

Elise from stage

"Don't use digital to impress people, use it to impact people"

- Elise Quevedo-

Elise on stage during HCE Paris
Content Experience, Belgrade
MWC Barcelona
Network 17, Montenegro
Codefest, Macedonia

Known as the Digital Ghost Queen for her behind the scenes work, Elise also comes out of the shadows to inspire audiences around the world.

Virtually or in person, Elise has always made an impact with her unwavering commitment to quality, performance and exceptional value driven content.

Spanish by birth & with Nordic blood running through her veins, Elise considers herself a Global Citizen with the main purpose of inspiring people to always be the best they possibly can be, both in their personal & business lives.

Topics: Social & Digital Media, Tech & Innovation, Leadership, CX, Motivation

Available as speaker, moderator or presenter