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Big Tech

Author and thought leader Elise Quevedo gives her take on the Huawei 2020 Annual Report.

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Top 20 leader to follow in 2021 by America Retail

-Spanish edition, Latin America-

Written Interviews


Hollywood Actor Don Most

Talking to Don Most, aka Ralph Malph from the beloved sitcom Happy Days.

He has proved to be a very versatile actor who was able to play a lot more than just comedy.

He has some great advice for those wanting to enter the industry and much more.

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Elise Talks to Irish Tech News

Social Media is Evolution, how to do it right, tips and insights with Elise Quevedo

An interview by journalist Simon Cocking

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Hollywood Actor Jeff Fahey

A closer look into the great adventure of Hollywood actor Jeff Fahey.

With over 150 acting credits we can say Jeff knows one thing or two about having a successful career as an actor.


From Silverado in the 80’s; The Lawnmower Man, The Marshall & The Contract in the 90’s; to of course Lost in the 2000’s.

Video Interviews

Della Leaders Club

Elise talks to Jimmy Mistry, Founder and CEO of Della Leaders Group and Della Leaders Club

Thinkers 360

Insights Series: Elise Quevedo – What should leaders be doing now to build their personal brand?

Audio & Podcasts

(Part 1) Markus Ako from Shoot the Breeze, Resonance FM Radio talks Social and films with Elise
00:00 / 23:22

Alan Stevens talks with Elise about value, content and skills (01:44-08:00)

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