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Creating a kick-ass attitude: For the days you feel blah

No matter how successful we are, how great we are at mindset, anyone who says they have never had a bad day, is simply not telling the full truth.

➡️ Chapter 7: “For the days you feel blah”

In this clip, I share a takeaway from my book "Creating a Kick-Ass Attitude" which was part of my journey to get into the #technology and digital world.

➡️ In this chapter, I simply wanted to share with you and let you know that it's ok to have a 'blah' morning or few hours once in a while. We are human!

It is our right:

- to be outstanding

- to be extraordinary

- to be the best we possibly can be

- to be the leaders that inspire the generations to come

- to be those whom people say “WOW, he/she made an impact in my life”

Life is too short to regret, to hate, and hold grudges. Enjoy the beautiful life you were given and the wonderful opportunity to change someone else's life.

To inspire someone else, be the best they possibly can be.

Happy Thursday!

Elise Quevedo

Author, Advisor, Storyteller

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