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Leadership: The power of supporting your peers

To kick off the week I want to share a story from when I spoke at DES | the Digital Business World Congress in Madrid, where some of my friends where also speaking at.

After getting comments from a few people as to, how together we seemed to be and how supportive of each other we were, it made me reflect on this phenomenon which doesn’t always occur.

I have been at many events where people hardly talk to each other, or I hear some people think too much of themselves to even interact with others who are not on their field.

As I always say, I choose to surround myself with people who are positive, whom I can learn from, I can get inspired by and whom I know will respect me in the same way I will respect them.

I have to say, it was a great feeling to be on a stage and have my fellow speakers and friends front row supporting me, and of course that was returned by me going to their talks and panels too!. We were like a wolf pack and we had fun whilst doing what we do.

But it does make me think of how this behavior is still not the norm in business. There seems to be too much jealousy and animosity when someone is successful vs supporting someone as they are doing something great.

So I want to put that question out there. Are you the type of person who likes to support your peers when they are on the limelight? Or are you the type of person to just focus on yourself and hardly acknowledge others?

I believe we need more think tanks, more meet ups where good leaders get together and show how supporting your peers can be a great experience.

And it’s not just at events or board rooms. I love to give Shout Outs to people who inspire me on my social feeds, it is my public way of supporting my peers, as of course they already know how I feel in the real world.

In this digital era, where many people still suffer from the “me,me,me” factor, it is nice and refreshing to see thought leaders elevating others and taking time from their busy schedules to show some support.

And please note, that I am not saying you have to do this all the time! There are many occasions where time is of essence and you do not have time to interact. The bottom line of this message was because me and my wolf pack, where stopped by individuals who had noted the bond we had, and if that was normal, it would have not stood out, which is what made me reflect on this.

I have been around those cut throat individuals who will stop at nothing to succeed no matter who they step over, who will stab you in the back, those who believe supporting others is a sign of poor leadership and that it also takes the limelight away from them if they talk about somebody else.

Let’s be honest, the business world can be ruthless, intimidating and it can change you, but I would like to remind everyone, that if you are in any type of leadership role, you can take that opportunity to be a role model for the next generations to come.

We need to be examples of how leaders and successful individuals can support each other as they climb the ladder of success.

Elise Quevedo

Author, Advisor, Storyteller

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