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Top 50 Women in Tech Influencer 2021 by The Awards Magazine

Thank you The Awards Magazine for including me on the Top 50 Women in Tech Influencers 2021.

Surrounded by other amazing women leaders, what an honor to kick off this day!

As TAM said and I quote:

➡️ “Influencers are DREAMERS. They are LEADERS with a VISION.” The tech business has traditionally been controlled by men, but these amazing female influencers are changing that.

Even though there are many excellent women working in this sector, they are frequently underrepresented or overlooked.

For this Women Equality Day on August 26, we wanted to highlight and honor all the incredible Women in Tech influencers. We’ve compiled a list of the top Women in Tech from LinkedIn & Twitter to provide daily inspiration and keep you up to date.

This list is completely based on individual contribution in the industry and recent social activities."

➡️ As I often say, "The key as a woman is to speak up and be heard, never allow anyone to dim your inner light as we all shine bright in our own unique way"

I've had individuals try to belittle me and put me down just because I am a woman or the way I look. (Keep trying haha)

As women, we are still constantly scrutinized more than men do and we need to continue empowering each other because the value we all have as individuals is not measured by the color of our skin, our size, clothing, or social status.

It is our core beliefs and values, our kindness, our intelligence, our inner beauty that shines from within, our empathy, our work, our passion for what we do and like, and our own uniqueness that makes us who we are.

Being recognized always reminds me to continue doing what I do.

A few amazing women included on this list belong to brands such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, IBM, Hallmark Cards and SAP to name a few

Let's continue creating greatness and remembering we are all super awesome!

Thank you Kate Ann from The Awards Magazine for putting such a great list together

Together we are stronger.

Elise Quevedo


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