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Data Flash Forward Action Plan, OceanProtect & IDI Forum Berlin with Hugo Doucet

Let’s talk about data today. We have seen much data growth across various industries placing higher requirements on data infrastructure and making storage a key core element in ICT infrastructure construction.

We discovered more examples during this chat of how technology and innovation can help enterprises be more efficient and productive.

In my latest video chat at “Conversations with Elise Quevedo”, I was joined by Hugo Doucet, Sales Director at Huawei Belgium Enterprise Business Group.

I met Hugo during Mobile World Congress 24. He made it very easy to understand the solutions on display at their EBG booth, so I knew we had to jump on this chat.

We covered 3 important topics

➡ 00:00 - 05:09 Flash Forward Action Plan (launched during MWC to Help Enterprises Address Data Challenges in the Intelligent Era

➡ 05:10 -10:03: What can solutions such as OceanProtect do for Enterprises, which is a solution adding 7 layers of protection

➡ 10:04 - 15:00 The Innovative Data Infrastructure (IDI) Forum, is coming up on May 7th, IDI is the place to be to discover what is coming up including a glimpse into 2025/2026

Connect with Hugo if you have further questions on these topics. And who knows, maybe I'll see you in Berlin!


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