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MWC24 Barcelona: My Top 5 Highlights from Tech Giant Huawei

During Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024, Chinese Tech Giant Huawei came in strong ready to showcase solutions across various industries.

Under the theme: "Leading Infrastructure to Accelerate Industrial Intelligence", we saw a common bond, AI.

Let’s talk about my highlights from this tech giant

1.The Cloud Summit

The main takeaway is an AI-ready cloud infrastructure. The Pangu models presented showed the systematic innovation and industry practices of Huawei Cloud in the AI era. They power intelligent upgrades of both industries and cloud applications.

But what does it mean?

The different Pangu models such as Automotive, Weather, Virtual human, and R&D the industries will benefit from time savings, cutting costs, faster data processing, higher accurate predictions, and helping enterprises efficiently develop high-quality applications.

For example, Mr Bruno Zhang, CTO of Huawei Cloud said The Pangu R&D model helps developers generate code with just one prompt and test cases with just one click.

The Pangu telecom model automatically troubleshoots 90% of network faults in just minutes. The Pangu virtual human model boasts 95% lip sync accuracy for customer service and live streaming.

2. Data Storage

Dr. Peter Zhou, President of Huawei Data Storage Product Line, launched three innovative solutions aimed at helping carriers worldwide build leading data infrastructure in the AI era: AI data lake, all-scenario data protection, and DCS full-stack data center solution.

I spoke to Michael Qiu who said the AI Data Lake Solution will accelerate the whole AI service process.

But what does it mean? Breakpoints can be fixed faster, from 15 min down to 1 min. And technologies such as intelligent tiering and seamless multi-protocol interworking are used to achieve zero data migration.

As a result, the efficiency of cross-region data scheduling is three times higher than before.

3. Public Sector

During my chat with Hong-Eng Koh, we learned about their solutions for healthcare, education, and emergency management services.

He shared that Huawei's command & control system has the strongest convergence capability in the industry. For more in depth highlights, you can watch our All-In-Talk chat.

4. Electric Power

At their booth, I spoke to Edwin Diender. During MWC Huawei launched its Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS), which addresses high line loss, poor reliability, and heavy pressure on new energy load management. It enables electric power enterprises to transition from single-point digitalization to architecture-supported, open, evolvable, and systematic digitalization.

The Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS) has already been implemented successfully in China. It enables the monitoring of distribution networks, real-time detection of the 10kV line status, and intelligent management of low-voltage distributed new energy.

The solution combines HPLC and other new technologies. It enhances the transparent perception and service digitalization in power transformer districts. The IDS has delivered positive initial test results in several countries outside China as well.

5. 5.5G / 5G Advanced

5.5G which is in the first year of deployment with great success. We saw a variety of cases. The company aims to work with carriers and industry partners around the world to further the evolution of ICT infrastructure and build on the success of 5G.

Working with more than 30 top operators around the world, Huawei has verified the innovative 5.5G technologies, including extremely large antenna array (ELAA), multi-band serving cell (MBSC) and flexible spectrum selection, and innovative capabilities such as passive IoT.

To summarize, we learned that Huawei will continue to curate digital transformation methodologies and share them with customers and partners. 5.5G is transforming our world and it will make your business more successful.

AI is accelerating and transforming the way enterprises move forward, as the next generation solutions are created. Solutions that are more scalable, efficient and cost-effective. 

AI is a transformative force, ushering in a new era of technological advancement and innovation. AI not only automates mundane tasks, freeing up human resources for more creative and strategic endeavors but also fosters efficiency and precision.

Like AI adapts and evolves, continuously improving its performance, Huawei does too.

Let’s continue building the right partnerships around the globe because as I always say, together we are stronger.


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