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MWC24 Barcelona & Tech Trends with Networking & Security Analyst Will Townsend

As we enter the last couple of days before GSMA Mobile World Congress Barcelona event, let me share my latest chat with Globally Recognized Networking & Security Analyst Will Townsend

We discussed:

➡ Tech trend predictions for this year

➡ What are we looking forward to seeing this year during #MWC24

➡ Thoughts on SORA

➡ What is the 1 skill that top-level (C-Level) execs need to elevate their game this year

We will return for a more in-depth chat after the congress with our top highlights.

Let’s remember, that exploring innovation, meeting industry giants, unlocking opportunities, and creating new partnerships is what this tech world is about.

Wishing you all a productive and successful MWC experience

See you in Barcelona!


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