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Energy Sector: What is the Intelligent Distribution Solution?

This week I spoke to Edwin Diender, Chief Innovation Officer of the Global Energy Business Unit at Huawei’s Enterprise Business Group to discuss the recently launched "Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS) during MWC24.

It was launched during the summit themed "Leading Infrastructure to Accelerate Electric Power Intelligence”

This is what Edwin covered:

✔ What is IDS?

✔ What are the benefits?

✔ What do solutions such as IDS and the advancements of technology mean for energy transition moving forward?

Over the years, I have had great feedback on the conversations with Edwin, in his own words “not trying to use too technical, too difficult or complex explanations” is one of the things I believe he does best.

My goal was to bring complex topics to the table and speak to individuals who can break them down in a way that is easier to understand whether it is remotely or live at an event.

The chats with Edwin began a few years ago after I read one of his blogs which we then turned into a video chat, and it grew to follow his incredible journey and I get inspired to ask him a few questions from time to time.

Something that I of course do with other amazing individuals in a variety of tech topics.

Technology itself can be very complex and being able to inspire decision-makers to say “Aha! Now I get it” or "Now I understand that solution or arena better", is something I enjoy.

Because as I often say #TogetherWeAreStronger

If you want to catch up with some of the past conversations with Edwin or other inspiring C-Level execs and individuals, head over to my YT channel or webpage :)

Plenty more to come!


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