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How Can Technology Help Protect the Environment? Exploring Huawei's Tech4Nature Partnerships 2024

It is possible to address environmental challenges through rapid technological advancement and its appropriate application.

In the right hands and with the right partnerships, it can revolutionize how humanity conserves, protects, and restores nature.

➡ World Environment Day is coming up next week, which falls on June 5 every year. Huawei is celebrating by having their "Tech4Nature Summit 2024" and bringing together some amazing voices.

Ahead of the live stream next week where we can all watch the summit, I had a chance to speak with Huawei’s Tech4all communications manager Gary Maidment

In this insightful video, he shares:

➡ What is the Tech4Nature Partnership between Huawei and IUCN

➡ A Summary of Phase 1 and case studies

➡ What will happen in Phase 2

➡ The importance of partnerships

Speakers at the event:

-Tao Jingwen, Director of the Board Director of the Corporate Sustainable Development Committee, Huawei

-Dr Grethel Aguilar, Director General, IUCN

-James Hardscastle, Director of Protected Areas

-Anna Colquhoun, GSMA Climate Tech Programme

-Li Diqiang, Chief Scientist, CAF

-James McBreen, Senior Programme Officer, IUCN Centre for Conservation Action, IUCN

-Joyce Liu, Director, TECH4ALL Digital Inclusion Program Office, Huawei

-Prof. Diao XiaoPing, Vice President of Hainan Institue of National Parks, China, Senior Programme Officer, IUCN Centre for Conservation Action, IUCN

-Regina Cervera, Projects Manager, C-Minds, Mexico

-Mario Coto, Technical Director, National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) , Costa Rica

-Daniel Pons, Barcelona Provincial Government -Natural Parks Management Service- Public Servant Sant Llorenç Natural Park Biodiversity Conservation Technical Officer, Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac, Spain

It is great to see tech giants making an impact and leading by example to take these vital steps forward, in scaling up nature conservation outcomes using innovative technology and digital solutions.

For more information on the Summit and the live stream:

I am glad to see these minds coming together on June 5th to share their experiences.

As I often say #TogetherWeAreStronger


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