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Exploring the Future of AI: A Conversation with Will Townsend on Regulation, Risks, and Implementation

Let’s talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is a part of most tech conversations. It is changing how we think and work, and although it is helping the big tech giants move forward faster, not all enterprises or SMEs understand what it means for them.

For this video chat, I am back with Globally Recognized Networking & Security Analyst Will Townsend.

We discussed:

➡ 00:00 - 02:13 Intro & The Great American Solar Eclipse

➡ 02:14 - 05:38 AI implementation

➡ 05:39 - 08:32 Is 2024 the year for more AI regulation?

➡ 08:33 - 13:47 Risks, Challenges, Wrong People Using Generative AI, Copilot Solutions

➡ 13:48 - 18:58 Thoughts on Qatar Airlines world’s first AI-powered digital human cabin crew

➡ 18:58 - 20:11 Last thoughts, it's time to take action

We had a nice chat about where AI is heading. A few shoutouts/mentions during our chat to CiscoNVIDIANVIDIA GTCRalph aka the Ethical Hacker, MicrosoftMetaPalo Alto NetworksZscalerQatar Airways, and American Airlines.

Make sure to follow/connect with Will for more insights into the tech industry.

Let’s remember, that exploring innovation, meeting industry giants, unlocking opportunities, and creating new partnerships is what this tech world is about.

Have a beautiful day and as I often say #TogetherWeAreStronger


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