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Digital Media: Be Consistent!

Let's kick off the week with a little reminder for those that want to play the social media and digital game.

➡️ Be consistent!

❌ You will not get results by posting once a month and you might scare off people if you post 100 times a day

❓ What platforms are you using? What is enough to kick off algorithms for each of them?

Unless you are a celebrity, a public figure, or have a nice sizeable data list, If you want people to get to know you and your brand, you will need to be consistent.

Consistency does not always mean posting every day, commenting on other people’s posts also counts as part of that daily consistency.

So do you want to succeed on social/digital media? Be consistent!

Nobody becomes memorable by being behind the shadows unless you are The Dark Knight (and even he had to come out of the shadows to be recognized publicly! haha)

Let's have a kick ass week

Elise Quevedo

Author, Advisor, Storyteller

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