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Women In Tech, we must continue to speak up

It was a couple of years ago, that I was asked at a panel, what does it mean to you to be a woman in tech?

See the answer in this video segment below:

I wish I could say I have seen big leaps since I answered this in March 2021, but as I stand today, I would say the same.

We must continue to have a voice, to inspire other girls and women to speak up about their ideas. It is a fact, that as women, our voices don't always get heard and many times we still have to fight harder.

It was only recently that I remembered, after speaking to a good friend in the industry, that unfortunately as a woman, I am still a minority, that I get treated unfairly and I don't get paid the same, even when I should.

As women, it’s about adding value with our skills, tenacity, and empathy. It is about combining both forces because #togetherwearestronger

As I said in my answer, It is not about who is better, a man or a woman, it is about putting all ideas on the table and looking at them equally before making a decision regardless of who brought it to the table.

I understand how far we have come over the years, but we still have a long way to go. The key as a woman in tech or any other industry for that matter, is to speak up and be heard.

At the latest tech event I attended, about 95% were male and only 2 speakers were women. Is society going to change overnight? No, but we cannot give up.

I think of a future young Elise, I want her to have a world full of opportunities, full of a variety of women role models she can look up to and choose from. Diversity is key! and slowly we are getting there.

We need more brave souls who do not get discouraged when people aim to put us down or tell us we are not good enough. The tenacity and drive we must continue to have has to be passed down to future generations.

I could write a trilogy with all the negative experiences I have had as a woman in tech/business, but I choose to focus on the positive, on the leaps I have made, and on those who get inspired by what I do.

Ever since I wrote my first inspiration book, and I said "If all this book does is inspire one person to believe in themselves, my job is done!", I continue that sentiment today.

If all this article does, is inspire one more woman to speak up, to share, to encourage someone else, then my job is done.

Let's be women who support other women and human beings for their successes, who empower the next generations, and who continue to do their best. Let's not lose our passion for what we love doing. Surround yourself with individuals who encourage you to do better each day.

Speaking up and having a voice does not mean shouting, it means not being afraid to share your thoughts even when you might feel intimidated or you might not feel heard.

Remember, your voice matters, and on those days when you might come across an unfair situation, think of how far we have come, and that small setbacks are just that, small incidents part of this story called life.

As many of you know, I love the balance of working behind the scenes and my public presence, I get to understand both worlds very well. It is also the reason why I love to stand up and speak up as a woman, so others can keep going too.

There is a global women in tech movement happening and we can all be a part of it regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, or sexual orientation. By collaborating, we become stronger.

By continuing to speak up, we help the movement of women move forward and be heard.

And if no one has told you recently, I BELIEVE IN YOU, YOU are an incredible individual and no dream is too big!



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