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International Women's Day 2024 : An inspiring chat with cybersecurity expert Ralph Echemendia

As we celebrate International Women's Day, here is a chat with renowned cybersecurity expert Ralph Echemendia aka The Ethical Hacker.

Powerful and insightful words from an individual I respect and feel blessed to call a friend. Everyone needs to listen to the powerful golden nuggets shared here by Ralph

➡ Ralph shares inspiring words to girls/women who want a career in the cybersecurity industry but also to women in general.

“In this industry, in this sector, we have certainly a massive lack of people. This is one area where I really do believe women are even better than men when it comes to rationalizing these issues because these are complex issues that need to be communicated properly across the enterprise, and the entire world.”

Imagine in a male-dominated world, it is very hard to be a woman, but it is a fact, that women have more influence as a whole, more than just men. Men are going to be more guarded towards being spoken to by a mother man.

And it is a psychological factor that they are going to be less guarded if it’s a woman. And an intelligent woman makes it more interesting, it means that they are going to be more open to listening.

And that is one of the biggest issues that we have in cybersecurity is people may be hearing you, but they are not exactly listening.

Women have a very special role to play, especially right now, because they can be heard more, they have a better, in my opinion, means of communicating and translating the actual issues to upper-level management, so it’s essential that they are part of upper-level management when it comes to cybersecurity and also down to the hard work of programmers. I think some of the best programmers I’ve met are/were women in cybersecurity”

As I often say, we need to speak up and be heard.

To all the powerful women I know, please continue sharing your message and inspiring the next generation of leaders in various industries.

Let’s continue supporting each other (as human beings)

Wishing you all a beautiful day on International Women's Day 2024


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