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Driving Digitalization in Future Rail, Create New Value Together

The digital transformation of the global rail industry has reached a critical juncture, embracing a host of new trends such as intelligence, green and low-carbon development, and Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

At Innotrans, the largest trade fair focused on the rail transport industry, Huawei hosted the 9th Huawei Global Rail Summit, themed "Driving Digitalization in Future Rail, Create New Value Together". The summit brought together global industry leaders, ecosystem partners, and technical experts to discuss the future of the rail industry.

Huawei will continue to dive into innovative practices and deploy its leading ICTs to lay a digital foundation for the industry. Huawei will build smart applications in collaboration with their partners, steadily advancing industry digital transformation.

As a rail user, it is important to me to understand intelligent solutions for a safer, smarter & better-connected rail system.

It is time to enable the future of mobility together.

Huawei smart railway future strategies

At InnoTrans 2022, Huawei showcased its innovative solutions & flagship products tailored to the rail industry, covering leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure, green digital power, smart urban rail, and smart railway.

Huawei aims to reshape rail connectivity and enable secure, intelligent, green, and sustainable development.

During the Summit, Huawei showcased extensive smart urban rail solutions, including:

➡️ Wi-Fi 6 train-to-ground communications network

➡️ Smart Urban Rail Cloud-Optical Network

➡️ Urban Rail Cloud Platform

➡️ Urban Rail Intelligent Operation Center

Huawei's smart urban rail solutions have served over 300 urban rail lines

The Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) Solution Launch

This solution is a remarkable achievement for Huawei, as a result of its extensive research and experience in ICT deployment within the railway industry for over two decades.

With a focus on improving safety and reliability, Huawei FRMCS expands train-to-ground wireless services from train control and dispatch to railway O&M, railway IoT, and more. It empowers widespread digital transformation of the rail sector, ensures train operation safety, and improves railway operations efficiency.

Huawei FRMCS can not only provide the required high reliability and low latency for train control and dispatch, but also support new services such as locomotive status monitoring, train operation monitoring, and visualized dispatch of O&M personnel, improving fault prediction accuracy and O&M efficiency.

The FRMCS solution uses new technology, 8T8R Smart MIMO, which allows it to achieve the same coverage in the 1900 MHz band as that of GSM-R in the 900 MHz band when working with high-power devices from Huawei's partners.

This slashes deployment and maintenance costs of FRMCS on 1900 MHz and simplifies the deployment of FRMCS networks. By providing three levels of redundancy, including keyboards, key network elements, and wireless networks, Huawei FRMCS eliminates single-point failures on networks, ensures high reliability of devices and networks, and meets the requirements of the European Train Control System (ETCS)

During the summit, Li Jie, President of Huawei Enterprise Wireless Domain said:

"The railway industry is now in a critical period of digital transformation when the requirements for train-to-ground wireless communication systems are higher than ever before. Huawei FRMCS can meet these requirements by integrating Huawei's 4G and 5G technologies.
It can help railway customers build high-reliability, high-bandwidth, future-oriented train-to-ground wireless broadband networks that are safe, reliable, converged, simplified, and capable of long-term evolution.”

Adhering to the concept of openness and cooperation, Huawei is committed to driving digital transformation along with rail customers and ecosystem partners.

Together with the launch of "the Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) Solution", we have learned that they will continue to dive deep into urban rail service scenarios by leveraging its technical prowess & experience in digital transformation.

Let’s continue discovering the impact of technology in our society because together we are stronger.

If you missed the summit, click here to get further insights onto what was discussed during the 9th Huawei Global Rail Summit.

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