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The Metaverse in digital marketing with Joe Peng, BCW Global

Metaverse: Reality of fad?

That was one of the topics discussed at a recent meeting I had a few days ago in the beautiful city of Venice

Although there are many layers that metaverse development needs to take care of, the reality is that we are already living in an interwoven world where physical and digital/virtual cross paths. The metaverse is here to stay and now is the chance for brands to get ahead by embracing the digital future.

Not long ago I had a chat on this topic with with Joe Peng, APAC Chief Digital Officer at BCW Global

For those who missed it, I am sharing it below

➡️ Topic: The Metaverse in Digital Marketing

⬇️ What is the Metaverse? (00:00 - 03:44)

⬇️ What role will the Metaverse play in digital marketing? (03:45 - 09:23)

⬇️ Benefits of the Metaverse for brands (09:24 - 15:00)

⬇️ Is the Metaverse right for you? (15:00 - 16:23)

⬇️ 2022 Metaverse predictions (16:24 - 20:04)

What arises with the Metaverse growth and expansion, is, how will we be able to improve data rights, misinformation, data security and cyber protection with all these new platforms in play in this more intricate world?

That might be a question for world renown cybersecurity Ralph Echemendia, aka The Ethical Hacker. (Chat soon on this I think!)

In the meantime, enjoy the chat with Joe

Elise Quevedo

Author, Advisor, Storyteller

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