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How to deal with Online Haters/Trolls a Throwback to my 2021 article.

Important #antibullying read 🙏

Once a year, I reshare an article I wrote back in 2021 titled:

✅ “How to deal with online haters and trolls”

And of course, thank my collaborators at the time, David Calle, Glen Gilmore, Tamara McCleary and Ralph Echemendia. All shared their words of wisdom on this topic.

It is public knowledge that if you are in the public eye, the haters, trolls, and bullies will end up in your DMs, comments, or emails at some time or another.

I have always been a big advocate of promoting being a person of honesty, integrity, and value; being authentic to who you are, and being a voice of strength for those who may not be or feel as strong as I do in a specific moment in their life.

So remember:

➡️ You are not responsible for somebody else’s actions or words

➡️ Don't allow the comments of others to stop you from sharing your content

➡️ #Digital today is part of most of our #business journeys regardless of your industry. 

➡️ Keep being who you are. If no one told you today, YOU are awesome, YOU are amazing, YOU are enough

Let's use digital to impact people, not impress or bully people.

So go ahead and reread the article. Feel free to pass it along to anyone having a bad day, keep on rocking life, and as Taylor Swift would say, haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate!

Read the article here


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