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Behind the Scenes with Topher White, Founder & CEO Rainforest Connection

Authentic, spontaneous, and real… this is what this behind-the-scenes video is all about. What better way to start the week than with a smile!

I kick off today by giving a ShoutOut to my bud Topher White, Co-Founder, and CEO at Rainforest Connection (RFCx), and the team behind this amazing project.

Rainforest Connection creates acoustic monitoring systems for those who wish to end illegal deforestation in real-time, helping save the world’s most threatened rainforests & inhabitants.

How do they do this?

  • Their mission is to enable their partners-on-the-ground to protect rainforests. Their system sends real-time alerts for chainsaws, trucks, cars and signs of incursion.

  • They can help stop poaching by providing their partners with real-time data and patterns of activity that allow for targeted protections in key strategic areas

  • Their bio-acoustic monitoring capabilities give partners new ways of understanding rainforests.

And if you want to hear rainforest sounds in real time, you can get the RFCx app for free on the App Store or Google Play.

➡️ For more info on this impactful technology visit

And here is the back story to this video… A while back, Topher and I shared the stage at the Brussels 5G Assembly, and after a long day of speaking and catching up, we did some videos which ended up with lots of laughter!

We did of course speak about RFCx!... but we got distracted by Disney, Zoos, pet animals, balloons, Huawei, gibbons, Jaguar, word pronunciations, F-bombs, Subway.. and and and... haha

I always say behind any technology, we must always remember there are human beings.

Topher shines whether he is up a tree setting up a guardian or making some jokes with a straight face on video. An incredible individual for whom I have a lot of respect. Keep inspiring us all with what you do.

Authentic and spontaneous moments at their best! Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Might need to do a catch-up video with Topher soon to see what RFCx has been up to lately!

Let’s make it an awesome week everyone.

And remember, don’t take yourself too seriously. Life is to be enjoyed, have silly fun moments, and remember the only opinion about yourself that matters is yours!

Elise Quevedo

Author, Advisor, Storyteller

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