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Meet Jimmy Mistry, Della Leaders Club Founder and Chairman

This weekend get ready to be inspired by Serial Entrepreneur and multifaceted mogul, Founder of Della Leaders Club, and Chairman at Della GroupJimmy Mistry.

Known as the “Design Thought Leader”, he is one of the most successful Serial Entrepreneurs from India and he is now taking one of his projects globally.

Della Leaders Club (DLC), which launched a few days ago, is the world’s 1st business platform. A global community of Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and young leaders across a variety of industries, to positively impact the world

In this interview, Jimmy shares:

What is DLC and why a business and lifestyle balance is important? Past lessons Jimmy brings forward to DLC and what we can expect from DLC over the next 12 months.

Myself, as an author, advisor and international speaker, I get to travel the world sharing knowledge and insights from stage and behind the scenes to C-Level individuals and celebrities, and I look forward to doing the same at DLC as part of the ITES (technology) and leadership Global Committees.

If you share their values, come join us, because together we are stronger.

(Happy to do a personal introduction to the DLC team, if you would like to add value to this global movement)

I want to say thank you to Jimmy and the DLC team who have been amazing since meeting them. I've always said, every great leader is surrounded and supported by people who believe in the vision, the mission, the person, and who want to genuinely drive the movement forward.

Both Jimmy and his team, both in front and behind the scenes seem to have a similar drive, and it is very aparent in any comms with them.

With over 25 years of experience, Jimmy can clearly spot the right people to be surrounded with.

“You need your people with you whilst doing all of this. For me, it’s not important to swim alone, it’s important for me to swim together, swim with everybody, and if somebody is going down, it’s my moral responsibility to go give a hand and give a support system, lift the person up, and we all swim and move together toward safer grounds”

An incredible sentiment shared by Jimmy sheds a light on why he is the success he is today.

Elise Quevedo


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