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AI can be amazing and scary at the same time.

Here is an example of an advert thanks to the power of technology, which has had everyone talking in Spain for a while.

The brand Cruzcampo used a bank of over 5000 images and months of post editing.

The video below shows "the making of this deep fake process"

☑️ Extraction of original database

☑️ Alignment of original face structure

☑️ Alignment with the actress

☑️ Coding adjustments

☑️ 3d tracking for texture projection

☑️ Compositing & VFX

Congrats to Ogilvy and Metropolitana for this campaign.

Seeing how real these adverts feel, show us how careful we must be online. Online fraud is becoming harder to spot, we must always be vigilant.

On the other hand, how awesome is this video!

Incredible what tech can do.


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