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Will US relations with China improve with Biden in the presidential seat?

You would need to live in a cave to not know that the relations between these two countries have been the worst they have been for years.

As Trump joins history's club of one-term presidents (nine to be precise), Biden takes charge of a country at one of the worst pandemic times we have ever seen around the globe, one of the main questions many have been talking about is, what will happen with China and the countries where the relationships have become a battlefield?

The challenges he faces from the start, are less than ideal. Foreign policy experts say his experience in the Obama administration and as head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will be an advantage. A new president is a symbol of hope and progress not just for the American citizens, but for the rest of the world.

Just a few days ago I was moderating a debate where Chinese Tech Giant Huawei was in the hot seat and we wondered if this brand would die due to the ceaseless sanctions and the mistrust from the public. The US has been suppressing the growth of Chinese brands, by limiting its various supplies and markets.

We mentioned this was a Cold War and something needed to be done. Is Biden taking the presidency what is needed? Will he undo Trump's China Tech Policy? Experts say it is unlikely since some of Biden's promises were "Made in America" and "national security".

During Trump’s term, the disputes over trade, technology, and the South China Sea got worse, so some changes must happen, at what speed? No one can predict at the moment, but what we do know is that the China Tech topic will be right at the top of the list.

If you didn't know how big of a win this is for tech, remember which side Silicon Valley took. Google's parent Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook made up five out of the top seven contributors to Biden's campaign committee in 2020.

None of Trump's top presidential campaign contributors were from the tech sector. This is due to Trump's administration crackdown on Chinese tech companies, as many of the Silicon Valley tech giants have global operations.

Repairing foreign relations is part of the priority list which includes Covid19, Immigration, Climate Change, Healthcare, minimum wage, and regulations to name a few.

We all know Trump took a very aggressive approach when it came to trade, and Biden will want to reset by showing the US as an ally.

What happens when in the middle of a war the Commander dramatically gets replaced?

Let’s keep a close eye and see the story develop.

Elise Quevedo


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