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What does it mean to you to be a woman in tech?

Throwback Saturday to our panel at Digital Week Online earlier this year, when Serafima asked us:

➡️ What does it mean to you to be a "Woman in Tech" and what positive sides do you see in being a woman in a male-dominated industry?

For me, it means helping change the industry so that this question doesn’t get asked anymore in the future, and instead, it changes to “what does it mean to you to work in tech?"

➡️ It means to have a voice, to inspire other girls and women to speak up about their ideas. It is a fact, that as women, our voices don't always get heard and many times we still have to fight harder.

As women, we bring in a different point of view. We can be very detailed oriented and we can be great assets in this male-dominated industry.

It’s about adding value with our skills, tenacity, and empathy. It is about combining both forces because #togetherwearestronger

From my personal experience in any tech-related projects that I have been involved or advised on, there is always one sentence that stands out “Elise, I didn’t think of it from that point of view”.

It is not about who is better, a man or a woman, it is about putting all ideas on the table and looking at them equally before making a decision regardless of who brought it to the table.

➡️ The key as a woman is to speak up and be heard.

Share or tag a woman you know who agrees with this :)

Elise Quevedo xoxo

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