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"Tech Updates 2024: A Conversation with Will Townsend and Ralph Echemendia"

I catch up with two powerhouses, globally recognized Networking & Security Analyst Will Townsend from Moor Insights & Strategy, and world-renowned cybersecurity Expert Ralph Echemendia aka The Ethical Hacker. 

When you put the right people together and ask the right questions, magic happens. Time to bookmark this link and listen to all the golden nuggets shared.


00:00 - 00:43 Intro 

00:43 - 03:11 Amazon Web Services (AWS) $15.7 billion Investment in Spain, Europe, will other tech giants follow suit?

03:11 - 08:24 What opportunities does this open for young cyber security talent in Spain and Europe? 

08:24 - 12:10 AI: NTT & Indy 500, the latest on NTT elevating their game 

12:10 - 18:15 Has the rise of Artificial Intelligence made it easier for hacks to happen?

18:15 - 30:39 Inspired by the latest @Ashley Madison documentary on Netflix released May 15th, we ask, why do companies still wait for something to happen before taking action and either implementing security measures or making them a priority?

30:39 - 35:58 Why should individuals continue to realize cyber security prevention also applies to them, and not just companies? 

35:58 - 37:33 Who is doing it right when it comes to security? 

Follow/connect with Will and Ralph for more powerful insights.

And remember, security starts with awareness and prevention.


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