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Significance of Privacy, Security and Cyber Defence in the Social Media Ecosystem

I kick off the week by saying thank you to the Piktale ( Piktale Media) team.

From the time of the nomination, to the Top 100 Influencers Summit and Award Ceremony 2021 where many of us shared insights on various topics, to the awards and magazine compilation, this team has gone above and beyond.

Everyone knows the saying "teamwork makes the dream work", but when you come across teams that live by that sentiment, the collaborations are that much sweeter.

I have declined awards and collaborations in the past because the values or working ethics of the teams behind it did not match mine.

➡️ None of us are perfect, and none of us know it all, this is why teamwork is so important whether is your own company or people you collaborate/partner with.

An extra shout-out goes to openbusinesscouncil Global Digital Business Directory wiki Certification, Marketplace Summit, Thulium and Della Leaders Club teams whom I also experienced amazing teamwork with recently.

Remember: people respond to people. ;) get it?

Did you miss the summit?

➡️ 10,000 attendees, 100 speakers, 500 special guests.

➡️ Our panel was: "Significance of Privacy, Security and Cyber Defence in the Social Media Ecosystem" (From 6:46:49 to 7:55:00)

An honor to have shared virtual stage with:

Syed Musheer Ahmed Finstep Asia, IndiaTech

Dr.G.V. RAO Supreme Court of India

Arjen Van Berkum Chief Strategy Wizard

Michal Vallo Aguarra Founder

Together we are stronger.

Other topics covered during the day: Career opportunities, Start Ups & Fundings, Industry 4.0, AI, Fintech, Agile, Engagement and much more...

A big thank you to the Piktale team for the behind the scenes work and comms.

Elise Quevedo


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