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Who has seen the movie "Now you see me"?

Who has seen the movie "Now you see me"?... I'm a big fan.

One of the main sayings in the magician's world is "the closer you look, the less you'll see"

Put that in life and business terms.

➡️ Sometimes we look too closely... We need to step back to be able to see things clearly or see the bigger picture.

Do you get it? 👁️

During this pandemic, a key lesson has been to live today, to enjoy the moments we have because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

That doesn't mean not looking forward or ahead.

"According to a McKinsey Global Survey of executives, their companies have accelerated the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions and of their internal operations by three to four years. And the share of digital or digitally enabled products in their portfolios has accelerated by a shocking seven years."

It's time for decision makers to be bolder and stop waiting. Time to embrace digital transformation and emerging technologies to not be left behind.

My biggest takeaway, time continues to wait for noone, either you move forward or step aside.


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