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Travel Tip: Extra Hotel Safety For Female Solo Travelers Thanks to Portable Door Locks

Let’s talk about extra safety at hotels when traveling solo.

The Olympics in France are coming, France is a country I visit often and recently, the challenge is that there are more and more reports of hotel staff entering rooms without knocking, and worst of all, when people are sleeping at night, which would startle anyone.

This happens at 5-star resorts as well, and of course, not just in France, but all over the world, it is the reason for doing this awareness video, because feeling safe when traveling is essential. 

As a female solo traveler, safety plays a huge part in my planning and it has been thanks to conversations with my fellow digital nomads that we often speak about tips for staying safe when traveling.

Because not all hotels have security door locks (some do) or with the new trend of digital locks being in place which a master hotel key can override, we need ways of blocking our doors. This is all about preventative measures or warning us that someone is trying to get into our room.

There are many tips on the internet which tell you to put your suitcase by the door or put a drinking glass in the handle at night, as that will make noise if someone tries to enter.

But I and many of my friends, always travel with a simple device you can find on Amazon called a “door lock”. I bought it on Amazon, but you can also do a quick Google search to see if you can get one at a local hardware store.

They are low cost, easy to use and they will give you peace of mind because no one can enter when the door lock is in place. 

Remember, preventative measures are what safety is all about.

Feel free to share this video/post if you know anyone in your circle who would benefit from having this extra knowledge, as even I was not aware of these types of door locks until a couple of years ago.

Have a beautiful day


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