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Video: How often do you check for data breaches?

How often do you check for data breaches?

Did you know that it can take years to find out that you were breached?

According to experts, it can take years for credentials exposed in a data breach to surface on the dark web, which is where hackers sell the stolen information.

As an example, a while back, it took over 3 years for me to find out that some of my emails had been leaked onto the dark web because I was associated with a certain individual that was constantly hacked, and by collateral, I got hit by the hack.

As my good friend Ralph Echemendia aka the Ethical Hacker often says: "Nothing is ever 100% secure"

What we can do is make it harder for hackers to get our information. Often hackers rely on people reusing passwords.

Even if your account wasn’t compromised:

➡️ Change or review your passwords

➡️ Make the new password different & unique

➡️ Stop reusing the same passwords for everything!

The bottom line is if you use the internet at all, which is a lot of us and you share any type of information, please educate yourself on how to stay vigilant, use preventative measures, and remember, if it’s online, it can be breached.

Stay cyber-safe!


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