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Building green and low-carbon campuses and data centers

A few weeks after #MWC2022, we are still having conversations and following up on ideas that can turn into action and solutions.

Large events such as GSMA's MWC require weeks of follow-ups based on all the connections made.

Understanding what brands are doing with tech to help us be more efficient, productive, and connected is paramount to me.

Behind the scenes, I continue to have conversations and connect people so greatness can happen.

Thank you to everyone who made time to meet me during MWC.

I want to share my chat with Mr. Derek Hao, Huawei’s President of Global Marketing at the Enterprise Business Group, during my visit of Huawei’s Hall 1 at MWC Barcelona

Mr Hao spoke on the following:

➡️ A brief overview of this year’s booth

➡️ The impact of building green and low-carbon campuses. Why is this so important and what are the biggest benefits?

➡️ What is Huawei doing to tackle challenges such as poor network access and high energy consumption in Enterprise campuses with its Intelligent Campus solutions?

➡️ A case study where Intelligent Campus has been used

➡️ How does the Full Stack DC solution address day-to-day challenges like performance bottlenecks to increased inter-DC network traffic, issues with reliability, and heavy power consumption?

➡️ An example where Full Stack DC has benefited the ICT industry

Elise Quevedo

Author, Advisor, Storyteller

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